Precautions for use of rotary mop
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  1. The use of rotary mop must be handled lightly. Although most mops are made of stainless steel, excessive force will cause the interface to wear and may not rotate.


  2. The rotary mop is not suitable for cleaning too rough ground, which will cause great damage to the mop head. In addition, the rotary mop cannot be used to wipe the heavy oil stained area. Later cleaning will be difficult, which will seriously cause the mop head to be scrapped directly.


  3. In the process of using a rotary mop, try to avoid using a large amount of detergent, because the detergent contains chemical components, which remain in the mop head, which will affect the service life.


  4. After using the rotary mop, it should be wrung out and hung in a ventilated place. It is strictly forbidden to pile in a dark and moist corner. This will easily breed bacteria and produce odor.


  5. In order to ensure the health and cleanliness of home life, it is recommended to replace the rotating mop head every 2-3 months.