• How to repair the rotating mop
    1. The rotating mop does not rotate by itself (1) Generally, the rotary mop is composed of two parts, and there is an interface in the middle. If the mop does not turn, it is a problem with the interface. Use a hacksaw to split the middle into two sections. The upper nut is
  • How to change the head of the rotary mop
    1. First place the rotary mop on a flat surface, and firmly press the board with your feet, as close as possible to the metal part. 2. Hold the handle of the mop with your left hand and rotate the base part counterclockwise. When you hear a "click", it means that t
  • Precautions for use of rotary mop
    1. The use of rotary mop must be handled lightly. Although most mops are made of stainless steel, excessive force will cause the interface to wear and may not rotate. 2. The rotary mop is not suitable for cleaning too rough ground, which will cause great damage to the mop he
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